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Justin D. Holmes
Reiner Staudt
Richard K Heenan
David C Steytler
Michael A. Morris
John P Hanrahan
Mark P Copley
John M. O'Callaghan



nonionic surfactants ionic liquid surfactant surface active agents powders liquid films crystallography propane scattering small angle films liquid crystals industrial waste treatment supercritical fluids supercritical fluid extraction photoresists neutron scattering ionization of liquids crystals light sources effluent treatment carbon dioxide plastic films colloids chemistry small angle neutron scattering carbon films swelling

Supercritical fluid swelling of liquid crystal films. (2008)

Abstract The influence of liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide and liquid propane on the structural properties of both ionic and nonionic surfactant-based liquid crystal films is discussed in this paper. Swelling of the films, measured using in situ small-angle neutron scattering (SANS), was found to be dependent on the solubility of the propane/carbon dioxide in the micelles of the respective liquid crystals. Additionally, under certain pressure conditions the structural properties of some of the films were observed to change, ultimately leading to a loss of order in the micellar arrays of the liquid crystals.
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Justin D. Holmes, Reiner Staudt, Richard K Heenan, David C Steytler, Michael A. Morris, John P Hanrahan, Mark P Copley, John M. O'Callaghan

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