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Roy D. Sleator
Colin Hill
Gerald F Fitzgerald
Alan L Kelly
Kiera M Considine


Agriculture & Food Science

hydrostatic pressure food microbiology food handling food safety disinfection food quality food processing

High-pressure processing--effects on microbial food safety and food quality. (2008)

Abstract High-pressure processing (HPP) is a nonthermal process capable of inactivating and eliminating pathogenic and food spoilage microorganisms. This novel technology has enormous potential in the food industry, controlling food spoilage, improving food safety and extending product shelf life while retaining the characteristics of fresh, preservative-free, minimally processed foods. As with other food processing methods, such as thermal processing, HPP has somewhat limited applications as it cannot be universally applied to all food types, such as some dairy and animal products and shelf-stable low-acid foods. Herein, we discuss the effects of high-pressure processing on microbial food safety and, to a lesser degree, food quality.
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Roy D. Sleator, Colin Hill, Gerald F Fitzgerald, Alan L Kelly, Kiera M Considine

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