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I J Perry
R Coleman
L Burgoyne


Physiotherapy & Sport

walking environment design qualitative research female program development focus groups cities male social environment motor activity ireland humans middle aged adult health promotion poverty areas adolescent program evaluation residence characteristics

Walking in a city neighbourhood, paving the way. (2007)

Abstract There is an increasing interest in the use of walking routes to promote physical activity. We explored the stated attitudes of selected residents from two adjacent low-income city neighbourhoods towards walking. This was in response to negative results obtained in a quantitative study assessing the impact of the Slí-na-Sláinte (path to health), a signed heart health walking route. This was a qualitative focus group study. The impact of the walking route was marginal. Four major themes influencing local walking emerged, centring on the social and physical environment. Findings suggest that the neighbourhoods are unreceptive to health promotion initiatives such as the Slí-na-Sláinte since residents are dealing with fundamental social and physical environmental issues. Initiatives such as the Slí-na-Sláinte need to be embedded in a supportive and facilitative environment if they are to achieve substantial impact.
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I J Perry, R Coleman, L Burgoyne

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