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Cormac G M Gahan
Colin Hill
Sinéad Corr



microbiology dna bacterial animals coculture techniques mice bacterial translocation metabolism humans listeriosis inlb protein listeria monocytogenes internalin protein bacteria bacterial proteins mutagenesis insertional genetics microscopy electron transmission hemolysin proteins peyer s patches pathogenicity listeria monocytogenes mice inbred balb c specific pathogen free organisms biosynthesis caco 2 cells cell differentiation membrane proteins physiology

An in vitro cell-culture model demonstrates internalin- and hemolysin-independent translocation of Listeria monocytogenes across M cells. (2006)

Abstract An ability to translocate the mucosal epithelia through M cells provides invasive pathogens with a rapid means of accessing the mucosal lymphoid tissues. In order to determine the role of M cells in Listeria monocytogenes infection, we initially assessed colonization of Peyer's patch (PP) epithelium in BALB/c mice by Vibrio cholerae Eltor, wild-type L. monocytogenes and an isogenic hemolysin mutant (LO28Deltahly). It was observed that both wild-type L. monocytogenes and Deltahly showed preferential colonization of PP epithelium in this model. Furthermore, a novel luciferase reporter system was used to show rapid site-specific localization of L. monocytogenes in intestinal Peyer's patches. To examine the role of M cells in transcytosis of L. monocytogenes we utilized an in vitro transwell model that mimics M-cell activity through differentiation of C2Bbe1 epithelial enterocytes via co-culture with murine Peyer's patch lymphocytes (PPL). It was shown that L. monocytogenes transits M cells at significantly increased rates compared to C2Bbe1 monocultures. In addition, M-cell transport occurred independently of bacterial hemolysin and internalin production. This study demonstrates rapid transcytosis of L. monocytogenes through M cells, a process that occurs independently of the action of classical virulence factors.
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Cormac G M Gahan, Colin Hill, Sinéad Corr

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