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S A Hogan
M N O'Grady
J P Kerry


Agriculture & Food Science

meat products intelligent systems food industry product quality carbon dioxide shelf life potential based radio frequency identification

Past, current and potential utilisation of active and intelligent packaging systems for meat and muscle-based products: A review. (2006)

Abstract Interest in the use of active and intelligent packaging systems for meat and meat products has increased in recent years. Active packaging refers to the incorporation of additives into packaging systems with the aim of maintaining or extending meat product quality and shelf-life. Active packaging systems discussed include oxygen scavengers, carbon dioxide scavengers and emitters, moisture control agents and anti-microbial packaging technologies. Intelligent packaging systems are those that monitor the condition of packaged foods to give information regarding the quality of the packaged food during transport and storage. The potential of sensor technologies, indicators (including integrity, freshness and time-temperature (TTI) indicators) and radio frequency identification (RFID) are evaluated for potential use in meat and meat products. Recognition of the benefits of active and intelligent packaging technologies by the food industry, development of economically viable packaging systems and increased consumer acceptance is necessary for commercial realisation of these packaging technologies.
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S A Hogan, M N O'Grady, J P Kerry

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