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Alan L. Kelly
Patrick F Fox
Vivekk Upadhyat
Vivek Upadhyay
Therese Uniacke
Mathias R Zobrist
Thom Huppertz



animals milk chemistry minerals whey protein micelles chymosin pressure caseins milk proteins rennet protein denaturation buffaloes

Effects of high pressure on some constituents and properties of buffalo milk. (2005)

Abstract In this study, effects of high pressure (HP) on some constituents and properties of buffalo milk were examined. HP treatment at 100-600MPa for 30 min affected casein micelle size only slightly, whereas treatment at 800 MPa increased it by approximately 35%. Levels of non-micellar alpha(S1)and beta-caseins were increased by treatment > or = 250MPa, and were highest after treatment at 400-800MPa. The level of non-micellar calcium increased with increasing pressure up to 600 MPa. The L*-value of the milk decreased gradually with increasing pressure, from approximately 82 for untreated milk to approximately 65 for milk treated at 800 MPa. Milk pH was increased by approximately 0.07 units after treatment at 100-800 MPa, with no significant difference between treatment pressures. Denaturation of alpha-lactalbumin occurred at pressures > or = 400 MPa, and reached >90% after treatment at 800 MPa, whereas beta-lactoglobulin (beta-Ig) was denatured > 100 MPa, reaching approximately 100% after treatment at 400MPa; after treatment > or = 400MPa, all beta-Ig was associated with the casein micelles. The rennet coagulation time of buffalo milk increased with increasing pressure, whereas the strength of the coagulum formed decreased after treatment at 250-800 MPa. Overall, HP treatment affected many constituents and properties of buffalo milk; some of these effects have also been observed in the milk from other species, but the extent of the effects, and the pressure at which they occurred, differed considerably.
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Alan L. Kelly, Patrick F Fox, Vivekk Upadhyat, Vivek Upadhyay, Therese Uniacke, Mathias R Zobrist, Thom Huppertz

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