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M A Morris
Justin D. Holmes
Trevor R Spalding
Jenny Patterson
Hakan Olin
Donat Erts
Timothy Crowley
Rory Rice
Kevin M. Ryan
Kirk Ziegler



size effects growth mechanism thin films nanowires embedded single crystal synthesis sol gel

The synthesis of matrices of embedded semiconducting nanowires. (2004)

Abstract In this work we report how single crystal nanowires can be assembled into regular arrays using mesoporous thin films to define the architecture. Mesoporous thin films were prepared by a sol-gel method. These provide films of very regular structure and dimensions. The films produced in this way have almost single crystal like structures and can also exhibit strong epitaxy to the underlying silicon substrate. The films are subjected to a supercritical fluid (SCF) environment in which a precursor is decomposed to yield nanowires of metals, semiconductors or oxides. Using these SCF conditions, pore filling is complete and the products are nanowires which are single crystals and structurally aligned in one direction. The growth mechanism of the nanowires is described and size effects discussed.
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M A Morris, Justin D. Holmes, Trevor R Spalding, Jenny Patterson, Hakan Olin, Donat Erts, Timothy Crowley, Rory Rice, Kevin M. Ryan, Kirk Ziegler

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