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I Perry
J Sheehan
A. Collins
N Rahman


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hospital mortality female age distribution diagnosis hospitals university hyperglycemia statistics numerical data epidemiology inpatients blood glucose retrospective studies blood male medical audit sex distribution aged 80 and over ireland aged humans middle aged

Undetected hyperglycaemia among hospital in-patients. (2000)

Abstract To assess the prevalence of previously undiagnosed hyperglycaemia consistent with a diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus in a consecutive series of hospital in-patients. Retrospective case note review. University Teaching Hospital. 800 consecutive hospitalised patients aged over 50 years. The main outcome measures the prevalence of hyperglycaemia [corrected]. We searched the biochemistry laboratory computerised database for results of all biochemistry tests carried out during each patient's admission. The medical records of those with at least one plasma glucose value in the hyperglycaemic range (glucose > or =11.1 mmol/l and/or > or =7.0 mmol/l on casual and/or fasting measurements respectively) were reviewed by two observers using a standardised method and a check list for data collection.
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I Perry, J Sheehan, A. Collins, N Rahman

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