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D J Buckley
P B Lynch
J P Kerry
T L Mc Carthy


Agriculture & Food Science

frozen natural antioxidant food fresh plant extracts chemical analysis pork

Assessment of the antioxidant potential of natural food and plant extracts in fresh and previously frozen pork patties. (2000)

Abstract Antioxidant activities of aloe vera, fenugreek, ginseng, mustard, rosemary, sage, soya protein, tea catechins and whey protein concentrate (35% protein) were evaluated in pork patties prepared from both fresh and previously frozen (-20°C) pork. Chemical analysis showed test ingredients to be more effective in reducing lipid oxidation in patties made from previously frozen pork. Tea catechins, rosemary and sage were identified as being the most effective antioxidants with potency decreasing in the following order: tea catechins>rosemary>sage. Optimum addition rates of these ingredients suggested levels of 0.25, 0.10, 0.05% for tea catechins, rosemary and sage, respectively. Soya protein (0.10%) increased meat redness in fresh pork patties producing significantly (P<0.05) higher Hunter 'a' values over the controls on days 0, 3 and 6. However, fenugreek (0.01%) was more effective in increasing Hunter 'a' values in patties manufactured from previously frozen pork. No significant (P>0.05) differences in Hunter 'L' and 'b' values were found between test and control samples on storage. The pH values of tea catechins, sage and soya protein fluctuated over time. Fresh pork patties with mustard and ginseng caused an initial decrease followed by a subsequent increase in pH values. Fenugreek caused an initial increase in pH values followed by a decrease from day 3 onwards.
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D J Buckley, P B Lynch, J P Kerry, T L Mc Carthy

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