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P A Morrissey
D J Buckley
J P Kerry
F M Higgins



meat packing industry vitamin e thiobarbituric acid reactive substances analogs derivatives animal feed antioxidants pharmacology sodium dietary meat cooking administration dosage turkeys tocopherols taste dietary supplements alpha tocopherol female lipid peroxidation animals

Effects of alpha-tocopheryl acetate supplementation and salt addition on the oxidative stability (TBARS) and warmed-over flavour (WOF) of cooked turkey meat. (1999)

Abstract 1. Day-old turkey poults (n = 14) were randomly divided into 2 groups (n = 7) and fed diets containing 20 (E20) and 600 (E600) mg all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate/kg food for 21 weeks prior to slaughter. Following slaughter, breast and leg meat was removed and 4 batches of patties were produced from each. Two of the batches were formed from E20 meat (E20) and E20 plus 1% salt (E20S). Two similar batches were formed from E600 meat (E600) and E600 plus 1% salt (E600S). 2. Patties were fried, cooled and overwrapped with high oxygen-permeable film. Overwrapped patties were displayed in a 4 microC cabinet under fluorescent light (616 lux). Lipid oxidation (TBARS numbers) was determined on d 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, while taste panels to assess warmed-over flavour (WOF) were carried out on d 0, 2 and 4 of refrigerated (4 degrees C) display. 3. In the case of both leg and breast meat, E600 patties were the least susceptible of the 4 treatment batches to lipid oxidation. Salt had the effect of promoting lipid oxidation, with E20S and E600S patties having higher TBARS numbers than the corresponding patty batches where salt was absent. 4. Taste panel results showed that leg and breast patties formed from the meat of turkeys given alpha-tocopheryl acetate enriched diets developed significantly (P < 0.05) less WOF than those formed from control turkey meat on d 2 and 4 of refrigerated (4 degrees C) display. Patties containing 1% salt generally exhibited a greater degree of WOF than patties without salt. 5. A linear relationship was observed between TBARS numbers and WOF percentages for all batches of leg and breast patties.
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P A Morrissey, D J Buckley, J P Kerry, F M Higgins

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