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E K Arendt
D J Buckley
C Hill
A G Scannell



staphylococcus aureus meat products pharmacology swine animals nisin consumer product safety drug effects genetics microbiology sodium citrate citrates food preservatives sulfur dioxide growth development salmonella sodium lactate

Determination of the influence of organic acids and nisin on shelf-life and microbiological safety aspects of fresh pork sausage. (1997)

Abstract The effect of replacing sulphur dioxide with organic acids and nisin to reduce the microbial counts in fresh pork sausage was examined. The potential of sodium citrate or sodium lactate, used singly or in combination with nisin, was also assessed in sausage inoculated with Staphylococcus aureus MMPR 3 and Salmonella kentucky AT 1. The results indicate that a combination of sodium lactate and nisin wa particularly effective in reducing total bacterial counts in this food product. It also appears that this combination provides an increased protection against common pathogenic contaminants of fresh pork sausage, i.e. Staph. aureus and Salmonella species.
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E K Arendt, D J Buckley, C Hill, A G Scannell

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