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Stephen R Pennington
John Armstrong
Aoife Shannon
Brian Flatley
Lisa Staunton
Brian Morrissey
Carmel O'Shea
Darren Doherty
Claire L Tonry


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prostate cancer clinical trial protein protein expression recurrence disease hormone therapy radiation therapy

Discovery and Longitudinal Evaluation of Candidate Protein Biomarkers for Disease Recurrence in Prostate Cancer. (2015)

Abstract When compared with hormonal therapy alone, treatment with combined hormone and radiation therapy (CHRT) gives improved disease-specific survival outcomes for patients with prostate cancer; however, a significant number of CHRT patients still succumb to recurrent disease. The purpose of this study was to use longitudinal patient samples obtained as part of an ongoing noninterventional clinical trial (ICORG06-15) to identify and evaluate a potential serum protein signature of disease recurrence. Label-free LC-MS/MS based protein discovery was undertaken on depleted serum samples from CHRT patients who showed evidence of disease recurrence (n = 3) and time-matched patient controls (n = 3). A total of 104 proteins showed a significant change between these two groups. Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assays were designed for a subset of these proteins as part of a panel of putative prostate cancer biomarkers (41 proteins) for evaluation in longitudinal serum samples. These data revealed significant interpatient variability in individual protein expression between time of diagnosis, disease recurrence, and beyond and serve to highlight the importance of longitudinal patient samples for evaluating the use of candidate protein biomarkers in disease monitoring.
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Stephen R Pennington, John Armstrong, Aoife Shannon, Brian Flatley, Lisa Staunton, Brian Morrissey, Carmel O'Shea, Darren Doherty, Claire L Tonry

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