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John G Murray
Peter J MacMahon
Eoin C Kavanagh
Leo P Lawler
Patricia Fitzpatrick
Clare O'Connor
Ferdia Bolster
John M Moriarty


Medicine & Nursing

adolescent heart failure female lung diseases pregnancy complications etiology tomography x ray computed pregnancy complications pleural effusion pulmonary embolism radiography multiple pulmonary nodules angiography pulmonary atelectasis retrospective studies adult young adult incidental findings humans

Frequency of nonthromboembolic imaging abnormalities in pregnant women referred for computed tomography pulmonary arteriography. (2014)

Abstract The study sought to determine the frequency of nonthromboembolic imaging abnormalities in pregnant women referred for computed tomography pulmonary arteriography (CTPA). CTPA studies on 100 consecutive pregnant women performed over a 5-year period were reviewed independently by 2 radiologists, with conflicts resolved by consensus. Age range was 18-43 years (mean 28 years). The presence or absence of pulmonary embolism and of nonthromboembolic imaging abnormalities was recorded. These were graded as A if the abnormalities were thought to provide potential alternative explanations for acute symptoms, B if findings were incidental that required clinical or radiologic follow-up, and C if the findings did not require further action. Pulmonary embolism was seen in 5 women. In 2 of these additional findings of consolidation and infarction were seen. Ninety-five women did not have pulmonary embolism. Eleven women (12%) had grade A abnormalities; 6 cases of consolidation, 2 cases of lobar collapse, and 3 cases of heart failure with pleural effusions. One woman had a grade B abnormality due to the presence of pulmonary nodules. Ten women had incidental grade C abnormalities. Pulmonary embolism occurs in 5% of pregnant women referred for CTPA. In pregnant women without embolism on CTPA, potential alternative causes for patient symptoms are seen on CT in 12% of cases.
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John G Murray, Peter J MacMahon, Eoin C Kavanagh, Leo P Lawler, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Clare O'Connor, Ferdia Bolster, John M Moriarty

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