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Gregory O'Hare
Wim G Meijer
Bartholomew Masterson
Katalin Demeter
Louise A Deering
John J O'Sullivan
Zeinab Bedri



data quality bathing water directive water quality ireland water quality sewage wastewater treatment three dimensional escherichia coli

Assessing the water quality response to an alternative sewage disposal strategy at bathing sites on the east coast of Ireland. (2014)

Abstract A three-dimensional model is used to assess the bathing water quality of Bray and Killiney bathing sites in Ireland following changes to the sewage management system. The model, firstly calibrated to hydrodynamic and water quality data from the period prior to the upgrade of the Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW), was then used to simulate Escherichia coli (E. coli) distributions for discharge scenarios of the periods prior to and following the upgrade of the WwTW under dry and wet weather conditions. E. coli distributions under dry weather conditions demonstrate that the upgrade in the WwTW has remarkably improved the bathing water quality to a Blue Flag status. The new discharge strategy is expected to drastically reduce the rainfall-related incidents in which environmental limits of the Bathing Water Directive are breached. However, exceedances to these limits may still occur under wet weather conditions at Bray bathing site due to storm overflows that may still be discharged through two sea outfalls offshore of Bray bathing site.
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Gregory O'Hare, Wim G Meijer, Bartholomew Masterson, Katalin Demeter, Louise A Deering, John J O'Sullivan, Zeinab Bedri

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