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John T Ryan
Eoin C Kavanagh
Michael G Evanoff
Marie-Louise Butler
David L Leong
Louise A Rainford
Rachel J Toomey


Physiotherapy & Sport

observer variation sensitivity and specificity eligibility determination reproducibility of results radiology instrumentation computers handheld data display mobile applications educational measurement equipment failure analysis education computer assisted instruction equipment design

Is the iPad suitable for image display at American Board of Radiology examinations? (2014)

Abstract The study aimed to determine the acceptability of the iPad 3 as a display option for American Board of Radiology (ABR) examinations. A set of 20 cases for each of nine specialties examined by the ABR was prepared. Each comprised between one and seven images and case information and had been used in previous ABR Initial Certification examinations. Examining radiologists (n = 119) at the ABR oral Initial Certification examinations reviewed sets from one or more specialties on both a 2 MP LED monitor and on the iPad 3 and rated the visibility of the salient image features for each case. The Wilcoxon signed rank test was performed to compare ratings. In addition, a thematic analysis of participants' opinions was undertaken. When all specialties were pooled, the iPad 3 ratings were significantly higher than the monitor ratings (p = 0.0217). The breast, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and nuclear medicine specialties also returned significantly higher ratings for the visibility of relevant image features for the iPad 3. Monitor ratings were significantly higher for the vascular and interventional specialty, although no images were rated unacceptably poor on the iPad in this specialty. The relevant image features were rated more visible on the iPad 3 than on the monitors overall. The iPad 3 was well accepted by a large majority of examiners and can be considered adequate for image display for examination in most or all specialties.
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John T Ryan, Eoin C Kavanagh, Michael G Evanoff, Marie-Louise Butler, David L Leong, Louise A Rainford, Rachel J Toomey

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