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Erik Wikstrom
Bill Vincenzino
Philip van der Wees
Kathryn Refshauge
Patrick McKeon
Thomas Kaminski
Claire Hiller
Jay Hertel
Daniel Tik-Pui Fong
François Fourchet
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Selection criteria for patients with chronic ankle instability in controlled research: a position statement of the International Ankle Consortium. (2013)

Abstract While research on chronic ankle instability (CAI) and awareness of its impact on society and health care systems has grown substantially in the last 2 decades, the inconsistency in participant/patient selection criteria across studies presents a potential obstacle to addressing the problem properly. This major gap within the literature limits the ability to generalise this evidence to the target patient population. Therefore, there is a need to provide standards for patient/participant selection criteria in research focused on CAI with justifications using the best available evidence. The International Ankle Consortium provides this position paper to present and discuss an endorsed set of selection criteria for patients with CAI based on the best available evidence to be used in future research and study designs. These recommendations will enhance the validity of research conducted in this clinical population with the end goal of bringing the research evidence to the clinician and patient.
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Erik Wikstrom, Bill Vincenzino, Philip van der Wees, Kathryn Refshauge, Patrick McKeon, Thomas Kaminski, Claire Hiller, Jay Hertel, Daniel Tik-Pui Fong, François Fourchet and 5 others

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