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Trudee Fair
Patrick Lonergan
Pierrette Reinaud
Olivier Sandra
James F Roche
John A Browne
Alan G Fahey
Niamh Forde
Lilian J Oliveira
Nadéra Mansouri-Attia



immune response dendritic cells mrna expression real time pcr immune system pregnancy outcome cell function cattle

Pivotal role for monocytes/macrophages and dendritic cells in maternal immune response to the developing embryo in cattle. (2012)

Abstract In mammals, successful pregnancy is dependent in part on the adaptation or regulation of the maternal immune system to prevent the rejection of the embryonic semiallograft. A modification in Th cell function and secretion is a requirement for the establishment and maintenance of pregnancy. Although there is strong evidence from studies in humans and mice linking successful pregnancy with the predominance of Th2-type immunity, the situation in cattle remains unclear. This study describes the characterization of the immune response of the bovine maternal endometrium to the presence of a developing embryo, with specific emphasis on the macrophage and dendritic cell populations and associated factors, using quantitative real-time PCR, in situ hybridization, and immunohistochemistry. Furthermore, in vivo and in vitro models were developed to investigate the potential role of progesterone and interferon-tau (IFNT) in the regulation of these immune factors. There was a marked increase in the population of CD14(+) cells and CD172a-CD11c(+) cells in the endometrium in response to pregnancy, which was paralleled by increased mRNA expression of a number of non-Th-associated factors, including IL12B and IL15, and downregulation of IL18. In addition, we identified several novel IFNT- and progesterone-regulated factors, including IL12B, MCP1, MCP2, PTX3, RSAD2, and TNFA, whose regulation may be critical to pregnancy outcome. Our findings give center stage to non-Th cells, such as monocytes/macrophages and dendritic cells, in the bovine immune response to the semiallogenic embryo. In conclusion, we propose that in cattle, successful pregnancy establishment is associated with a dramatic regulation of the cytokine network, primarily by endometrial monocytes/macrophages and dendritic cells.
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Trudee Fair, Patrick Lonergan, Pierrette Reinaud, Olivier Sandra, James F Roche, John A Browne, Alan G Fahey, Niamh Forde, Lilian J Oliveira, Nadéra Mansouri-Attia

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