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Lorraine Brennan
Anne P Nugent
Michael J Gibney
Magdalena Stepien
Louise O'Mahony



epidemiology nutritional status vitamin d deficiency blood male physiology food fortified humans analogs derivatives vitamin d 25 hydroxyvitamin d female prevention control diet pharmacokinetics biological availability administration dosage

The potential role of vitamin D enhanced foods in improving vitamin D status. (2011)

Abstract Low vitamin D intake and status have been reported worldwide and many studies have suggested that this low status may be involved in the development of several chronic diseases. There are a limited number of natural dietary sources of vitamin D leading to a real need for alternatives to improve dietary intake. Enhancement of foods with vitamin D is a possible mode for ensuring increased consumption and thus improved vitamin D status. The present review examines studies investigating effects of vitamin D enhanced foods in humans and the feasibility of the approach is discussed.
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Lorraine Brennan, Anne P Nugent, Michael J Gibney, Magdalena Stepien, Louise O'Mahony

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