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Denis P. Dowling
Damian A. Mooney
J. M. Don MacElroy
Thomas C McDermott
Taslima Akter



molecular thin films monte carlo simulation formation monte carlo method films growth mechanism pore size

Atomistic simulation of the formation of nanoporous silica films via molecular chemical vapor deposition on nonporous substrates. (2011)

Abstract To distinguish thin deposited film characteristics clearly from the influence of substrate morphological properties, the growth mechanism and the macroscale and nanoscale properties of nanoporous SiO(2) films deposited on nonporous silica (SiO(2)) substrates from chemical precursors Si(OH)(4) and TEOS (tetraethoxysilane) via low-pressure chemical vapor deposition are the primary targets of this study. This work employs a kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) simulation method coupled to the Metropolis Monte Carlo method to relax the strained silica structure. The influence of the deposition temperature (473, 673, and 873 K) on the properties of the SiO(x) layers is addressed via analysis of the film growth rates, density profiles of the deposited thin films, pore size distributions, carbon depth profiles (with respect to TEOS), and voidage analysis for layers of different thicknesses (8-18 nm). A comparison of simulation with experimental results is also carried out.
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Denis P. Dowling, Damian A. Mooney, J. M. Don MacElroy, Thomas C McDermott, Taslima Akter

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