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Mohammed Rami Elhussein Ghorab
Dong Zhou
Vincent Patrick Wade


Computer Science

computer science information science computer access access information multilingual search logs user behaviour search logs analysis cross language information retrieval

Identifying Common User Behaviour in Multilingual Search Logs (2010)

Abstract This is a publication in Lecture Notes for Computer Science:Multilingual Information Access Evaluation Vol. I Text Retrieval Experiments (Carol Peters, Giorgio Di Nunzio, Mikko Kurimo, Thomas Mandl, Djamel Mostefa, Anselmo Pe?as, Giovanna Roda). The exact LNCS volume number has not been assigned yet. The LADS (Log Analysis for Digital Societies) task at CLEF aims at investigating user actions in a multilingual setting. We carried out an analysis of search logs with the objectives of investigating how users from different linguistic or cultural backgrounds behave in search, and how the discovery of patterns in user actions could be used for community identification. The findings confirm that users from a different background behave differently, and that there are identifiable patterns in the user actions. The findings suggest that there is scope for further investigation of how search logs can be exploited to personalise and improve cross-language search as well as improve the TEL search system.
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Mohammed Rami Elhussein Ghorab, Dong Zhou, Vincent Patrick Wade

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