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Michael L. Doherty
Suzanne Quin
Bairbre Redmond
Simon J More
Luke O'Grady
Paul Whyte
Catherine Devitt
Lies Beekhuis-Gibbon



clinical mastitis dairy farms implementation dairy somatic cell hazard analysis irish dairy research methodologies

A HACCP-based approach to mastitis control in dairy herds. Part 2: Implementation and evaluation. (2010)

Abstract Part 1 of the study described the development of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) based programme and accompanying handbook for the control of mastitis. This paper describes the implementation and evaluation of customised HACCP-based programmes, which were developed from the handbook and assessed on six Irish dairy farms. Both quantitative and qualitative (action research) research methodologies were used to measure the success of implementation and efficacy of control of sub-clinical mastitis as measured by Somatic Cell Counts (SCC) and the degree of compliance by farmers in adopting and maintaining recommendations throughout the course of the study period. No overall differences in SCC before and during the implementation of the study were found when all six farms were considered together. Three of the six study farms experienced a significant decrease in herd milk recorded SCC during the implementation of the control programme. An essential part of the study was achieving initial agreement on recommendations as well as ongoing monitoring of compliance during the study. This pilot study shows that HACCP can be implemented on farms as a means of working towards the control of mastitis and that farmer attitude, and understanding of mastitis are crucial in terms of motivation irrespective of practical approaches used to manage mastitis.
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Michael L. Doherty, Suzanne Quin, Bairbre Redmond, Simon J More, Luke O'Grady, Paul Whyte, Catherine Devitt, Lies Beekhuis-Gibbon

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