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Michael L. Doherty
Simon J More
Luke O'Grady
Paul Whyte
Lies Beekhuis-Gibbon



hazard analysis food safety systematic approach dairy farms infectious diseases dairy dairy cows haccp

A HACCP-based approach to mastitis control in dairy herds. Part 1: Development. (2010)

Abstract Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) systems are a risk based preventive approach developed to increase levels of food safety assurance. This is part 1 of a pilot study on the development, implementation and evaluation of a HACCP-based approach for the control of good udder health in dairy cows. The paper describes the use of a novel approach based on a deconstruction of the infectious process in mastitis to identify Critical Control Points (CCPs) and develop a HACCP-based system to prevent and control mastitis in dairy herds. The approach involved the creation of an Infectious Process Flow Diagram, which was then cross-referenced to two production process flow diagrams of the milking process and cow management cycle. The HACCP plan developed, may be suitable for customisation and implementation on dairy farms. This is a logical, systematic approach to the development of a mastitis control programme that could be used as a template for the development of control programmes for other infectious diseases in the dairy herd.
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Michael L. Doherty, Simon J More, Luke O'Grady, Paul Whyte, Lies Beekhuis-Gibbon

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