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L O'Grady
S J More
R. O'Neill
T Geraghty



cattle diseases female cattle immunology animals herpesviridae infections infectious bovine rhinotracheitis antibodies viral herpesvirus 1 bovine seasons epidemiology veterinary milk

Dynamics of individual animal Bovine Herpes Virus-1 antibody status on 9 commercial dairy herds. (2011)

Abstract Bovine Herpes Virus 1 (BoHV-1) is an important viral disease of cattle worldwide. In endemically infected herds, there is an incomplete understanding of the epidemiology of BoHV-1 infection. We describe the dynamics of animal-level BoHV-1 antibody status on 9 endemically infected commercial dairy herds, based on the results of serial milk antibody testing. Results were used to identify primary exposure, secondary exposure (from re-activation or re-exposure) and development of test-negative latent carrier (TNLC) status. 4153 test results from 828 cow-lactations were analysed. Primary exposure occurred on two herds, secondary exposure occurred on all herds and development of TNLC status occurred in eight herds. Incidence of secondary exposure reduced over time and may have been related to increasing time since parturition. Regular secondary exposure is required to maintain measurable antibody status.
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L O'Grady, S J More, R. O'Neill, T Geraghty

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