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B K Markey
A Proctor
E J Williams
J O'Donovan
J E Nally
P X Marques
J Gutierrez
C R Reid
H F Bassett
D J Sammin
and 1 others



immunology pregnancy female microbiology animals veterinary biosynthesis chlamydophila infections rna messenger sheep diseases trophoblasts interferon gamma metabolism abortion septic chlamydophila sheep

Interferon-γ expression in trophoblast cells in pregnant ewes challenged with Chlamydophila abortus. (2010)

Abstract Pregnant ewes were challenged with Chlamydia abortus at 91-98 days of gestation and euthanised at 14, 21 and 28 days post-challenge. IFNγ mRNA labelling appeared to be co-localised with Chlamydial lipopolysaccharide within trophoblast cells in discrete areas lining the primary villi in the limbus and hilar zone of the placentomes from challenged sheep on days 21 and 28 post-infection. The presence of IFNγ was also demonstrated by immunohistochemistry. No labelling was seen in tissues from the non-infected ewes. The presence of IFNγ in trophoblast cells from infected ewes may indicate an attempt to restrict the replication of the organism and be an important trigger for the inflammatory responses that develop on the fetal side of the placenta in enzootic abortion.
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B K Markey, A Proctor, E J Williams, J O'Donovan, J E Nally, P X Marques, J Gutierrez, C R Reid, H F Bassett, D J Sammin and 1 others

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