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Jens Erik Nielsen
Una Bjarnadottir



phosphorylation metabolism cyclic amp dependent protein kinases ligand protein structure secondary protein binding conformational change chemistry

Calculating pKa values in the cAMP-dependent protein kinase: the effect of conformational change and ligand binding. (2010)

Abstract The conformational change observed upon ligand binding and phosphorylation for the cAMP-dependent protein kinase (protein kinase A-PKA) is of high importance for the regulation of its activity. We calculate pKa values and net charges for 18 3D structures of PKA in various conformations and liganded states to examine the role of electrostatics in ligand binding and activation. We find that the conformational change of PKA takes place without any significant net proton uptake/release at all pH values, thus indicating that PKA has evolved to reduce any pH-dependent barriers to the conformational motion. We furthermore find that the binding of ligands induces large changes in the net charge of PKA at most pH values, but significantly, we find that the net charge difference at physiological pH is close to zero, thus indicating that the active-site pKa values have been preorganized for substrate binding. We are unable to unequivocally resolve the identity of the groups responsible for determining the pH-activity profile of PKA but speculate that the titration of Lys 168 or the titration of ATP itself could be responsible for the loss of activity at high pH values. Finally, we examine the effect of point mutations on the pKa values of the PKA catalytic residues and find these to be relatively insensitive to both noncharge-altering and charge-altering mutations.
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