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Jens Erik Nielsen
Tommy Carstensen
Una Bjarnadottir
Barbara Mary Tynan-Connolly
Helen Webb
Nikolaj Georgi
Chresten R Søndergaard
John Bradley
Michael Johnston
Fergal O'Meara
and 1 others



nuclear magnetic resonance biomolecular dna primers biophysical processes kinetics proteins chemistry protein conformation databases protein user computer interface software genetics mutagenesis protein engineering protein stability sequence analysis dna polymerase chain reaction

Capturing, sharing and analysing biophysical data from protein engineering and protein characterization studies. (2010)

Abstract Large amounts of data are being generated annually on the connection between the sequence, structure and function of proteins using site-directed mutagenesis, protein design and directed evolution techniques. These data provide the fundamental building blocks for our understanding of protein function, molecular biology and living organisms in general. However, much experimental data are never deposited in databases and is thus 'lost' in journal publications or in PhD theses. At the same time theoretical scientists are in need of large amounts of experimental data for benchmarking and calibrating novel predictive algorithms, and theoretical progress is therefore often hampered by the lack of suitable data to validate or disprove a theoretical assumption. We present PEAT (Protein Engineering Analysis Tool), an application that integrates data deposition, storage and analysis for researchers carrying out protein engineering projects or biophysical characterization of proteins. PEAT contains modules for DNA sequence manipulation, primer design, fitting of biophysical characterization data (enzyme kinetics, circular dichroism spectroscopy, NMR titration data, etc.), and facilitates sharing of experimental data and analyses for a typical university-based research group. PEAT is freely available to academic researchers at http://enzyme.ucd.ie/PEAT.
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Jens Erik Nielsen, Tommy Carstensen, Una Bjarnadottir, Barbara Mary Tynan-Connolly, Helen Webb, Nikolaj Georgi, Chresten R Søndergaard, John Bradley, Michael Johnston, Fergal O'Meara and 1 others

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Jens Erik Nielsen
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