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Vincent Patrick Wade



telecommunication systems software development processes model driven development design methodology software component development telecommunication management business process engineering service management

Designing telecommunication service management systems (2006)

Abstract In today's telecommunication industry, the management of services is seen as a key enabler and differentiating factor in the flexible delivery of telecommunication solutions. Increased competition and globalisation of markets have created unique pressure on telecommunications service providers to support service oriented, reusable management components which can optimise the provisioning and adaptation of business and systems processes. This thesis proposes a model driven development strategy which provides integrated, but separate support for the development of reusable component designs as well as the flexible development of business process driven systems constructed using these reusable component designs. The thesis specifies two integrated development guidelines which comprise the methodology. The thesis also describes the validation and evaluation of the guidelines in two trials. These trials involve the development of a catalogue of component designs and the development of several different telecommunication management solutions constructed using these component designs. The thesis also provides a comparison of the proposed guidelines with existing telecommunication development processes and mainstream software industry development processes.
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