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Vivienne Duggan
Patrick G. Wall
Simon J More
Alison Hanlon
Joe Collins



psychology delphi technique animal welfare physiology animals ethics horses standards social perception

Policy Delphi with vignette methodology as a tool to evaluate the perception of equine welfare. (2009)

Abstract A three-round Policy Delphi using vignette methodology was employed as a new approach to study stakeholder perceptions and experiences of equine welfare. Forty-four representatives from stakeholder groups in the Irish equine industry participated. In Round 1, vignettes (narratives illustrating potential infringements of equine welfare) were presented to assess perceptions of 'Acceptability' and experiences of 'Frequency of occurrence'. In Round 2, lists of situations where equine welfare might be compromised, possible drivers of behaviour and potential solutions were presented for grading. In Round 3, two composite issues were formed from an analysis of responses to the previous round, namely (1) the disposal of horses trade, and (2) behaviour at unregulated gatherings; these were illustrated using vignettes to establish stakeholder attitudes to the desirability, feasibility and means of improving standards of welfare for horses. All respondents completed all rounds demonstrating their engagement with the method.
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Vivienne Duggan, Patrick G. Wall, Simon J More, Alison Hanlon, Joe Collins

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