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Fionnuala B. Hickey
Catherine Godson
Madeline Murphy
Aidan Ryan



diabetes mellitus animals apoptosis immunology humans inflammation cytokines physiopathology

Diabetes mellitus and apoptosis: inflammatory cells. (2009)

Abstract Since the early observation that similarities between thyroiditis and insulitis existed, the important role played by inflammation in the development of diabetes has been appreciated. More recently, experiments have shown that inflammation also plays a prominent role in the development of target organ damage arising as complications, with both elements of the innate and the adaptive immune system being involved, and that cytokines contributing to local tissue damage may arise from both infiltrating and resident cells. This review will discuss the experimental evidence that shows that inflammatory cell-mediated apoptosis contributes to target organ damage, from beta cell destruction to both micro- and macro-vascular disease complications, and also how alterations in leukocyte turnover affects immune function.
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Fionnuala B. Hickey, Catherine Godson, Madeline Murphy, Aidan Ryan

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