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Kevin E O'Connor
Louise C Nolan



epoxy compounds chemistry mixed function oxygenases naphthalenes dioxygenases molecular structure catalysis metabolism models chemical catechols

Dioxygenase- and monooxygenase-catalysed synthesis of cis-dihydrodiols, catechols, epoxides and other oxygenated products. (2008)

Abstract Oxidoreductases are an emerging class of biotechnologically relevant enzymes due to their regio- and stereo-specificity. The selective oxygenation of aromatic compounds by oxidoreductases has received much attention and a wide range of reactions have been documented using these enzymes from various microbial sources. This review gives an overview of various dioxygenase, monooxygenase and oxidase enzymes that have been manipulated for the synthesis of products such as cis-dihydrodiols, catechols, epoxides and other oxygenated products. The use of protein engineering and its advancement in the synthesis of recombinant enzymes is also discussed.
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Kevin E O'Connor, Louise C Nolan

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