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D G Higgins
T J Gibson
J D Thompson
R Lopez
A Wilm
I M Wallace
F Valentin
H McWilliam
P A McGettigan
R Chenna
and 3 others



algorithms sequence analysis protein user computer interface software molecular sequence data amino acid sequence computer graphics sequence alignment programming languages cluster analysis

Clustal W and Clustal X version 2.0. (2007)

Abstract SUMMARY: The Clustal W and Clustal X multiple sequence alignment programs have been completely rewritten in C++. This will facilitate the further development of the alignment algorithms in the future and has allowed proper porting of the programs to the latest versions of Linux, Macintosh and Windows operating systems. AVAILABILITY: The programs can be run on-line from the EBI web server: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/tools/clustalw2. The source code and executables for Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers are available from the EBI ftp site ftp://ftp.ebi.ac.uk/pub/software/clustalw2/
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D G Higgins, T J Gibson, J D Thompson, R Lopez, A Wilm, I M Wallace, F Valentin, H McWilliam, P A McGettigan, R Chenna and 3 others

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