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M L Doherty
D A Rice
L O'Grady
F J Mulligan



dairying mastitis bovine nutritional status cattle diseases metabolism physiology parturient paresis rumen animal welfare pregnancy female prevention control microbiology energy metabolism cattle animals animal nutritional physiological phenomena

A herd health approach to dairy cow nutrition and production diseases of the transition cow. (2006)

Abstract This paper presents a practical, on-farm approach for the monitoring and prevention of production disease in dairy cattle. This integrated approach, should be used in an interdisciplinary way by farmers, veterinarians, nutrition advisors and other relevant professionals for the improvement of animal health and welfare and producer profitability. The key areas that form the basis for this approach are body condition score management, negative energy balance, hypocalcaemia, rumen health and trace element status. Monitoring criteria are described for each of these key areas, which when considered collectively, will facilitate the assessment of dairy cow health with regard to clinical and subclinical disease. The criteria, which are informed by published scientific literature, are based on farm management and environmental factors, clinical data, milk production records, dietary analysis, and assessment of blood and liver concentrations of various metabolites or trace elements. The aim is to review the efficacy of production disease control measures currently in place, and if necessary to modify them or formulate new ones.
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M L Doherty, D A Rice, L O'Grady, F J Mulligan

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