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E W Hill
D. E. MacHugh
D G Bradley
P O Brophy
S D E Park
A Heffernan
M A Bower
C J Edwards
A M McGahern



fossils ireland haplotypes horses sequence analysis dna animals genetic variation dna mitochondrial phylogeny genetics chemistry

Mitochondrial DNA sequence diversity in extant Irish horse populations and in ancient horses. (2006)

Abstract Equine mitochondrial DNA sequence variation was investigated in three indigenous Irish horse populations (Irish Draught Horse, Kerry Bog Pony and Connemara Pony) and, for context, in 69 other horse populations. There was no evidence of Irish Draught Horse or Connemara Pony sequence clustering, although the majority of Irish Draught Horse sequences (47%) were assigned to haplogroup D. Conversely, 31% of the Kerry Bog Pony sequences were assigned to the rare haplogroup E. In addition to the extant population analyses, ancient DNA sequences were generated from three out of four Irish archaeological specimens, all of which were assigned to haplogroup A.
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E W Hill, D. E. MacHugh, D G Bradley, P O Brophy, S D E Park, A Heffernan, M A Bower, C J Edwards, A M McGahern

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