N J O'Higgens
E W McDermott
A D K Hill
F Fleming
S Connolly
D Kavanagh


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Meralgia paraesthetica following open appendicectomy. (2005)

Abstract Meralgia paraesthetica is a painful condition attributed to entrapment or injury to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. It has been described following operations which could result in direct injury to the nerve such as iliac crest bone harvesting. It has also been reported following surgery remote from the nerve. Following open appendicectomy injury may occur following direct trauma to an anatomical variant of this nerve, which can occur in up to 25% of the population. We report two cases that became clinically evident immediately following open appendicectomy with subsequent confirmatory electromyography studies. Meralgia paraesthetica following open appendicectomy has not been reported in the medical literature. This is an under-recognised complication of open appendicectomy. Management can be challenging for patient and clinician.
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N J O'Higgens, E W McDermott, A D K Hill, F Fleming, S Connolly, D Kavanagh

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