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Michael J Duffy
Leonie Young
Niall J O'Higgins
Enda W McDermott
Catherine Duggan
Norma O'Donovan
Arnold Hill
Yvonne Buggy
Louise M Kelly



biosynthesis axilla breast neoplasms brms1 protein human fibroadenoma polymerase chain reaction mammary glands human pathology humans rna messenger lymphatic metastasis female neoplasm proteins metabolism

Expression of the breast cancer metastasis suppressor gene, BRMS1, in human breast carcinoma: lack of correlation with metastasis to axillary lymph nodes. (2004)

Abstract The BRMS1 (breast cancer metastasis suppressor 1) gene has been found to suppress metastasis in animal models without inhibiting primary tumor growth. The aim of this study was to measure expression of BRMS1 mRNA in a panel of human breast carcinomas and compare its expression with parameters of local dissemination such as tumor size and lymph node metastasis. We also compared expression of BRMS1 mRNA in normal breast tissue, fibroadenomas, primary breast cancers and axillary nodal metastases from primary breast cancers. BRMS1 mRNA was detected in 10/11 (90%) specimens of normal breast tissue, 12/16 (75%) fibroadenomas, 64/82 (78%) primary breast cancer and 11/15 (64%) lymph node metastases (p, NS). In the primary cancer, expression was independent of tumor size, tumor grade, metastasis to axillary nodes and hormone receptor status. Furthermore, similar levels of BRMS1 were found in normal breast tissue, primary breast carcinomas and lymph node metastases from primary breast cancer. Our results do not suggest a role for BRMS1 in suppressing metastasis to local lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer.
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Michael J Duffy, Leonie Young, Niall J O'Higgins, Enda W McDermott, Catherine Duggan, Norma O'Donovan, Arnold Hill, Yvonne Buggy, Louise M Kelly

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