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N A Parfrey
D P O'Donoghue
H E Mulcahy
D T Leahy



genetics pathology tumor suppressor protein p53 male aged proto oncogene proteins c mdm2 mdm2 protein human survival rate genes bcl 2 humans metabolism gene expression gene rearrangement base sequence proto oncogene proteins c bcl 2 prognosis dna primers colorectal neoplasms immunohistochemistry female apoptosis proto oncogene proteins nuclear proteins

bcl-2 protein expression is associated with better prognosis in colorectal cancer. (1999)

Abstract To investigate the expression of bcl-2 in colorectal carcinoma and to examine its association with mediators of apoptosis (p53 and mdm-2), clinicopathological features and long-term outcome. We determined by immunohistochemistry the expression of bcl-2 in 102 colorectal carcinomas with 10-year follow-up. In 66 of these cases in which we had previously assessed p53 status, no correlation was seen between bcl-2 and p53. The mdm-2 protein was not detected in any of the 66 cases. Cytoplasmic staining of the bcl-2 gene product was seen in the tumour cells of 22 cases (22%). Using a polymerase chain reaction technique we showed that overexpression of bcl-2 was not due to rearrangement of the bcl-2 gene. Expression of bcl-2 protein was related to tumour grade but was unrelated to patient age, sex, tumour site, tumour size or Dukes' stage. There was a trend towards increased survival in those whose tumours expressed bcl-2 protein (P = 0.055). When entered into a multivariate analysis, this survival difference was independent of tumour stage (P = 0.05). These results suggest that bcl-2 expression in colorectal carcinoma is associated with a better long-term prognosis.
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N A Parfrey, D P O'Donoghue, H E Mulcahy, D T Leahy

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