M X FitzGerald
F Muldowney
K Ward
J Wiggins
J P Hayes


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male pleurisy respiratory insufficiency hla b44 antigen adult fibrosis pathology humans hla b antigens adolescent female etiology complications genetics fanconi syndrome acidosis renal tubular

Familial cryptogenic fibrosing pleuritis with Fanconi's syndrome (renal tubular acidosis). A new syndrome. (1995)

Abstract We describe two siblings with a progressive unrelenting and unique syndrome of bilateral fibrosing pleuritis of unknown cause occurring in association with Fanconi's syndrome (renal tubular acidosis). The parents of the siblings were second cousins. Both siblings had identical pleural histologic characteristics and identical urinary metabolic defects. This condition resulted in the development of severe respiratory failure in both patients and ultimately the death of the older sibling at the age of 21 years.
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M X FitzGerald, F Muldowney, K Ward, J Wiggins, J P Hayes

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