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M X Fitzgerald
J Hayes
K Gaffney
S O'Mahoney
D MacFarlane
C M O'Connor
C Power



cystic fibrosis adolescent pancreatic elastase molecular weight enzymology collagenases pseudomonas aeruginosa sputum female severity of illness index immunoblotting electrophoresis polyacrylamide gel leukocyte elastase regression analysis neutrophils male adult humans

Neutrophil collagenase in sputum from patients with cystic fibrosis. (1994)

Abstract The potential role of neutrophil elastase in causing lung damage and exacerbating the inflammatory response in cystic fibrosis (CF) has received considerable attention. Although another potent neutrophil-derived enzyme, collagenase, is implicated in tissue destruction in several interstitial lung disorders, there has been no reference to this enzyme in CF. The objective of this study was to determine whether neutrophil collagenase is present in active form in CF sputum and, if so, whether it is related to disease severity. High levels of active collagenase were detected in sputum from patients with CF, and the majority of the enzyme present was of neutrophil origin. In a group of 16 patients with CF, negative relations between sputum collagenase activity and Shwachman score (r = -0.55, p < 0.05) and FEV1 (r = -0.59, p < 0.02) were noted, indicating an association between high collagenase activity and severity of disease. A positive correlation was observed between sputum collagenase and elastase activity (r = 0.62, p < 0.05). These results suggest that both neutrophil elastase and collagenase may play a significant role in lung destruction in CF.
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M X Fitzgerald, J Hayes, K Gaffney, S O'Mahoney, D MacFarlane, C M O'Connor, C Power

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