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J. F. Roche
M P Boland
F J Karsch
D O'Callaghan



female reproduction melatonin animals physiology luteinizing hormone periodicity pineal gland seasons blood sheep

Role of short days in timing the onset and duration of reproductive activity in ewes under artificial photoperiods. (1991)

Abstract The objective of this work was to evaluate the role of short photoperiod in timing the onset and duration of reproductive activity in ewes. The perception of photoperiod was disrupted by pinealectomy following transfer from long (17L:7D) to short (8.5L:15.5D) photoperiod and the subsequent reproductive response was monitored. Ovariectomized ewes given Silastic implants containing estradiol-17 beta were exposed to long days until Day 0 (May 24) and then were allocated to the following groups (n = 5-6/group): Group 1) short-day control--moved to short days; Groups 2 to 5) pinealectomy after 0, 30, 60, or 90 short days, respectively; Group 6) long-day hold--kept on long days; Group 7) long days after 60 short days--moved to short days on Day 0 and returned to long days on Day 60. Six ewes kept outdoors served as additional controls. Reproductive neuroendocrine activity was assessed from plasma LH concentrations, high values being indicative of the breeding season and low values indicative of anestrus. Time of reproductive neuroendocrine activity onset (LH rise) did not differ among animals in the 7 groups kept indoors, but was advanced (p less than 0.05) relative to that of ewes outdoors. In contrast, duration of the LH elevation differed among ewes in groups kept indoors.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)
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J. F. Roche, M P Boland, F J Karsch, D O'Callaghan

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