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J. F. Roche
M R Mattiacci
N Hynes
M P Boland
J D Savio



animals corpus luteum heifers luteolysis estrous cycle h 3 follicle dominant

Will the first dominant follicle of the estrous cycle of heifers ovulate following luteolysis on day 7? (1989)

Abstract The pattern of turnover of dominant follicles involves the sequential growth and regression of two to three dominant follicles during the estrous cycle. The dominant follicle that ovulates is the one that develops concomitantly with the regression of the corpus luteum. The aim of this paper was to determine if the first dominant follicle would ovulate following induction of luteolysis with prostaglandin F2 alpha analogues (PGF) on Day 7 of the cycle. Heifers (n = 43) were checked for estrus (Day 0); their ovaries were scanned daily from Day 6 of the cycle for one week, and the fate of the first dominant follicle was determined. Luteolysis was induced on Day 7 with PGF analogues, and blood samples were taken daily for progesterone and estradiol measurement and at 3-h intervals for 33 h for luteinizing hormone (LH) measurement. Of the 43 heifers given PGF, complete luteolysis occurred in 40 animals. Of these, the first dominant follicle ovulated in 37 heifers; the dominant follicle was not the ovulatory follicle in 2 heifers and the dominant follicle became cystic in one heifer.
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J. F. Roche, M R Mattiacci, N Hynes, M P Boland, J D Savio

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