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J R Farndon
K G Alberti
D Alderson
J M Fitzpatrick
T N Walsh


Medicine & Nursing

diabetes mellitus experimental metabolism therapy dogs islets of langerhans transplantation female tissue preservation food animals cryopreservation insulin circadian rhythm male blood glucose blood

Diurnal insulin and glucose profiles following transplantation of fresh and cryopreserved canine pancreatic islets. (1989)

Abstract Dispersed islet autotransplants (fresh and cryopreserved) can produce normal fasting insulin and glucose concentrations. Following an intravenous glucose challenge, however, the insulin response is impaired and glucose clearance delayed. This study examines the diurnal insulin and glucose response to feeding in recipients of fresh islet autografts (n = 6), recipients of cryopreserved islet autografts (n = 3), normal unoperated controls (n = 10) and insulin treated pancreatectomized diabetic dogs (n = 7). Mean fasting insulin and glucose levels were similar in all groups. After feeding, insulin profiles in both transplant groups were near normal while significant hyperinsulinaemia occurred in insulin treated diabetic dogs. Mild postprandial carbohydrate intolerance was observed in transplant recipients but glycosylated haemoglobin levels were similar (mean(s.d.] to normals (6.88(0.86) per cent, 6.86(0.5) per cent respectively). Dispersed islet autotransplantation with portal insulin delivery produces near normal insulin and glucose profiles suggesting that this may represent a suitable treatment for insulin dependent diabetes.
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J R Farndon, K G Alberti, D Alderson, J M Fitzpatrick, T N Walsh

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