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J E Fenton
J P O'Neill
P Lennon



metronidazole adolescent treatment outcome drug therapy female therapeutic use single blind method male anti infective agents infectious mononucleosis young adult aged 80 and over humans middle aged aged adult length of stay

Effect of metronidazole versus standard care on length of stay of patients admitted with severe infectious mononucleosis: a randomized controlled trial. (2013)

Abstract Metronidazole may be of use in the treatment of infectious mononucleosis (IM). Our aim is to show that metronidazole shortens hospital stay for patients with severe IM. A single-centre randomized controlled trial was undertaken in patients admitted with severe IM, who were with a similar group treated by the standard care. Patients were blinded to which treatment arm they were in. Forty-two of these patients were enrolled in the trial. The primary endpoint was the difference in length of stay. This was significantly less in the metronidazole group (3.67 days v 4.67) (p 0.032). This study demonstrates that metronidazole has a role to play in severe infectious mononucleosis.
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J E Fenton, J P O'Neill, P Lennon

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