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J E Fenton
J A Saunders
M Amin



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Pilot study of the knowledge and attitude towards evidence based medicine of otolaryngology higher surgical trainees. (2007)

Abstract The objective of this survey is to provide an insight into the knowledge and attitude of the higher surgical trainees in Otolaryngology towards evidence based medicine and evaluate their understanding of medical statistics and use of evidence based medicine in patient management. A self administered anonymous questionnaire was distributed to twenty Specialist Registrars in Otolaryngology in Ireland during an annual National Otolaryngology Meeting. Of these, nineteen attempted the questionnaire and eighteen completed it. Three previously published questionnaires [Meserve et al. (2005) Med. Educ. Online.10, 1; McColl et al. (1998) BMJ.316, 361; Khan et al. (1999) J. Obst. Gynaecol.19, 231] were used in this survey. In general, there was a moderately welcoming attitude towards evidence based medicine. However, the survey findings indicate the need for incorporation of formal teaching of critical appraisal skills into medical education with a greater emphasis on involvement and dissemination of evidence based medicine in day to day practice.
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J E Fenton, J A Saunders, M Amin

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