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Amino acid metabolism, branched-chain amino acid feeding and brain monoamine function. (1998)

Abstract Although fatigue during prolonged exercise has traditionally been associated with peripheral factors relating to muscle metabolism, such as the depletion of muscle glycogen, more recent research has generated a renewed interest in amino acid metabolism per se and in the role of amino acids as precursors of brain neurotransmitter function. The concept of a 'central fatigue hypothesis' has done much to stimulate scientists to explore the functional role of the brain and CNS in the aetiology of the fatigue process. The concept has also generated a number of testable hypotheses by which it is possible to examine how the 'central' component of fatigue may act. The present review has attempted to bring together the current research in this area. There is good reason to believe that nutritional intervention may play an important role in relation to fatigue residing within the brain and CNS. Although an exciting possibility exists that nutritional manipulation may affect brain neurochemistry and ultimately sports performance, the experimental evidence to support this claim is, as yet, equivocal. A greater understanding of amino acid metabolism and, in particular, amino acid transport, will greatly improve future experimental designs used to test the efficacy of nutritional manipulation of amino acids and their effect on the central component of the fatigue process.
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