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Rory V. O'Connor
Andrew M Golding



systems development agile approaches best practices dynamic systems dsdm extreme programming process improvement agile methodologies

Merging agile methodologies the case for DSDM and XP (2004)

Abstract This paper presents the proposal that while the agile approach to developing software is proving to be a success, there is value in merging some of the best practices of more than one approach. In this paper, two specific agile approaches - Dynamic Systems Development Methodology (DSDM) and Extreme Programming (XP) - are examined. This paper focuses on the proposition that if an organisation has implemented one approach (DSDM) then is it possible to bring elements of good practices from another approach (XP) in order to add value to the overall process. The main objective of this research was to establish where common ground exists between these two approaches and to explore how they may best work together. A case study within an organisation was conducted to enable further investigation and to evaluate the underlying research proposal.
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