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Wojciech Bober
Chris J. Bleakley
Xiaoyun Li


Computer Science

mac layer ieee 802 15 4 beacon enabled mode synchronization end to end delay protocol design power saving low power listening

Enhanced Beacon Enabled Mode For Improved IEEE 802.15.4 Low Data Rate Performance (2012)

Abstract This paper proposes enhancements to IEEE 802.15.4 Beacon-Enabled Mode that provide improved network performance and lower power consumption for low data rate applications. The proposed mode utilizes a Synchronous Low Power Listening technique that allows nodes to sleep for multiple Beacon Intervals and subsequently recover Beacon synchronization in a power efficient manner. The proposed mode also incorporates a Periodic Wakeup scheme that allows nodes to transmit at scheduled times during the inactive period. The proposed Enhanced Mode is backward compatible and inter-operable with the original standard. Simulation results show that the proposed Enhanced Mode reduces the power consumption overhead of synchronization by more than 50% for applications with low data rates compared with standard Beacon-Enabled mode. End-to-end delay and packet loss rate are reduced by more than 90% compared with standard Beacon-Enabled mode. The proposal can adapt to the change of traffic load, and prolong the lifetime of the PAN Coordinator by 1–5 times compared to standard Beacon Enabled mode.
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Wojciech Bober, Chris J. Bleakley, Xiaoyun Li

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