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Chris J. Bleakley
Tarig Ballal



resolution sensor arrays single ambiguity phase signal phase difference unwrapping sensors time delay estimation

Phase-Difference Ambiguity Resolution for a Single-Frequency Signal (2008)

Abstract In this letter, we propose a novel method to disambiguate the phase-difference of a single-frequency signal observed between a pair of spatially separated sensors, with inter-sensor spacing exceeding half the wavelength of the signal, lambda over two. We mathematically prove that, in a noiseless case, the true phase-difference can unambiguously be estimated utilizing a third collinear sensor, provided that the absolute difference between the two smaller inter-sensor spacings does not exceed lambda over two. The performance of the method is characterized by estimating the probability of failure in noisy cases.
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Chris J. Bleakley, Tarig Ballal

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