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Juan Gonzalez-Hernandez
Chris J. Bleakley
J. Rizo-Morente
M. Casas-Sanchez


Computer Science

power consumption library energy consumption optimizations power and energy compilation optimization compiler dsp

Effect of Compiler Optimizations on DSP Processor Power and Energy Consumption (2007)

Abstract This paper examines the effect of compiler optimizations on the energy usage and power consumption of DSP processor, specifically to the Texas Instruments TMS320VC5510. The effects of different levels of general and specific optimization on the energy and power consumption are measured for this processor. Given the special characteristics of DSP programs, the benchmark routines were selected from DSPStone, and some typical DSP applications. Finally, Texas Instruments library routines are compared with the compiled versions. The paper provides an analysis of the results together with recommendations for improving performance. The binaries used in this study were generated using the Texas Instrument C/C++ Compiler, which allows control over the whole set of optimizations.
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Juan Gonzalez-Hernandez, Chris J. Bleakley, J. Rizo-Morente, M. Casas-Sanchez

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