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Eugene J. O'Brien
Desmond Robinson
S. E. Taylor
Myra Lydon



strain measurement fiber optic sensor shm fiber bragg grating bridge weigh in motion optical sensor systems fibre optic sensors structural health monitoring

Development of a Bridge Weigh-in-Motion Sensor: Performance Comparison Using Fiber Optic and Electrical Resistance Strain Sensor Systems (2014)

Abstract This paper addresses the problems of effective in situ measurement of the real-time strain for bridge weigh in motion in reinforced concrete bridge structures through the use of optical fiber sensor systems. By undertaking a series of tests, coupled with dynamic loading, the performance of fiber Bragg grating-based sensor systems with various amplification techniques were investigated. In recent years, structural health monitoring (SHM) systems have been developed to monitor bridge deterioration, to assess load levels and hence extend bridge life and safety. Conventional SHM systems, based on measuring strain, can be used to improve knowledge of the bridge's capacity to resist loads but generally give no information on the causes of any increase in stresses. Therefore, it is necessary to find accurate sensors capable of capturing peak strains under dynamic load and suitable methods for attaching these strain sensors to existing and new bridge structures. Additionally, it is important to ensure accurate strain transfer between concrete and steel, adhesives layer, and strain sensor. The results show the benefits in the use of optical fiber networks under these circumstances and their ability to deliver data when conventional sensors cannot capture accurate strains and/or peak strains.
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Eugene J. O'Brien, Desmond Robinson, S. E. Taylor, Myra Lydon

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