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Richard O'Kennedy
Hui Ma



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The Purification of Natural and Recombinant Peptide Antibodies by Affinity Chromatographic Strategies. (2015)

Abstract The purification of peptide antibodies (e.g., IgG, IgY, scFv, and Fab) are described in this chapter. Affinity chromatographic purification, a very convenient and effective antibody purification strategy, is used to isolate peptide antibodies based on specific binding, i.e., binding of the antibody to a column on which its specific ligand is immobilized with subsequent elution of the purified antibody. In addition, the application of purification methods based on the use of proteins A, G, and L, each of which bind to specific domains on an antibody/fragment, or the use of specific tags (e.g., histidine and biotin) attached to antibodies or antigens are also described.
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